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Questions and Answers

What plastics are recyclable? – Only plastics with a #1 or #2 are recyclable

Can all plastics # 1 and 2 whether they are bottles jars or containers be recycled?  – Yes

What about cans? – Steel, tin and aluminum cans can be recycled

Should the lids to any plastic bottles be included if they cannot be identified as #1 or #2? – All lids off the plastic 1 and 2 are recyclable

Must newspaper be tied in a bundle or placed loose in the recycling container? – Either way is OK

What about Junk mail, Catalogs, Phone books and Magazines? –  As long as there is no plastic wrap around these items they can be recycled 

Can I recycle cardboard? – Flattened cereal/snack boxes etc. and cardboard can be recycled

Is all glass material prohibited?  – Glass should treated as Trash and not placed with recycle material

What is prohibited? – Loose plastic bags, or package wrap, Broken/sharp glass, Ceramic materials, Cloth/clothing, Food/yard waste, Hazardous items, Shredded paper, Scrap metal, Nonrecyclable plastics, Liquids, Frozen food containers, paper plates, paper cups and napkins.  For a more complet list click here.

When in doubt – throw it out