Trash and Recycling

Effective Monday, May 4, 2020, Waste Management will resume their regular schedule for the collection of all yard waste (grass clipping, brush, or tree limbs) and bulk items (furniture, carpet, mattresses, appliances) collected at the curb.

All trash/refuse must be bagged and sealed, and wherever possible, placed in containers. LOOSE TRASH WILL NOT BE COLLECTED

WM will continue to enforce bag and/or cart limits.

Trash and recycling is contracted to Waste Management, Inc., (WMI).   WMI may be contacted locally at 800-458-4090.

Trash Collection

Trash is collected Tuesday through Friday of each week depending on your address.

Trash Collection Schedule By Day And Street

Recycling Collection (see below for information on the recycling program)

The collection of recyclables is performed every other week as shown on the calendar accessed by clicking the link below. The calendar also indicates the six (6) holidays that alter the trash and recycling collection schedule (see more information below the link).

Recycling Calendar

Holiday Schedule

Trash and recycling collection service is delayed one day for weeks containing one of 6 observed holidays. The holidays that affect the trash collection schedule include:
New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day when the holiday falls on a weekday (with minor exceptions – see calendar link above). No trash or recycling is collected on these holidays. The trash collection day for those whose scheduled day falls on one of these 6 days occurs the day after the holiday. The scheduled collection day for all others that fall after the holiday is then delayed one day. Collection days prior to a holiday in a given week are unaffected.

Recyclable Materials
Glass containers
Bi-metal containers
Ferrous containers
Plastic containers (PET)
Plastic containers (HDPE)

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program

Click this link for information from Waste Management on their program for disposal of household hazardous waste including electronic equipment.

To better understand the current e-Waste & Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program below is video describing the “At-Your-Door” program.

Borough Recycling and Waste Collection Program

Click this link for a  Tree City Times Article on the borough’s recycling ordinance. The information provided covers commercial, residential and multi-family recycling requirements and fall leaf collection.

The complete recycling ordinance is available in the Code of Ordinances section under Government.

Click this link for information on recycling and waste collection with answers to frequently asked questions to better understand how the program operates.

Wood Chipping Program

The seasonal wood chipping program is provided at no cost as a service to our residents. This program is available from the first Wednesday of April through the third Wednesday of July. Materials will not be picked up from any apartment complex, business or institution. To schedule the chipper, just call 412-351-7330, extension 200  to schedule an appointment.  Complete information can be found at this link.