Racoon Rabies Baiting Project July 29th thru September 15th, 2021

Beginning July 29th and running through September 15th, the Allegheny County Health Department and USDA Wildlife Services will distribute raccoon rabies vaccine baits across Allegheny County. Baits will be delivered both by hand from ground vehicles, by helicopter, and by fixed wing airplane. This effort helps reduce raccoon rabies, as well as human and pet exposures to rabid animals.  The vaccine is not harmful to wild animals or pets. Although the exposure risk to humans is very slight, the following information is important:

  • Be aware of what a bait looks like. Bait Flyer Notice
  • Encourage children to leave the baits alone.
  • Keep dogs and cats inside or on leashes at least five days after your area has been baited.
  • Do not attempt to take a bait away from your pet; you may be bitten!
  • Wash your hands or exposed skin thoroughly with soap and water if you touch the bait or the liquid vaccine inside the bait.

For more information about this program, including a list of frequently asked questions, visit: http://www.achd.net/raccoon/