Environmental Advisory Council

Environmental Advisory Council Mission Statement 

The Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) as authorized by Borough Council is charged with identifying environmental problems and recommending plans and programs to Council and its committees for the promotion and conservation of the natural resources and for the protection and the improvement of the quality of the environment.  This encompasses the following:

The review of Environmental Impact Statements including conditional use applications, planned residential development applications, and subdivision and land development applications and others required by ordinance or regulation.

Conducting Environmental Public Outreach through the development of educational programs and materials to inform residents on issues and remedial actions they can participate in to improve the environment. These include protection of the tree canopy, use of native non-invasive plants, encouraging water conservation and limiting residential pesticide use.

Maintaining and protecting the Bird and Wildlife Sanctuary.

Environmental Advisory Council Bylaws

Elise Yoder, Chairperson
Barbara Farrell, Secretary
Patricia Harris
Chris Metil
Doug Rishel
Nick Smerker
Jordan Tony

Tom Pike

Borough Council Liaison:
Angelo Baiocchi

Current Projects

Participation in Climate Action Plan

Restoration and Improvement of the Bird and Wildlife Sanctuary

Developing Environmental Outreach Strategy

Climate Action Plan

Climate Action Plan

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