Council Meeting Agendas

Draft copies of council agendas will be available on this page as we are able to assemble them. Drafts are works in progress and should not be assumed to be complete or final. Agenda drafts may contain missing information or dashes (-), asterisks (*) or other placeholders while information is gathered. Agenda drafts may contain tentative motions or motions that are incomplete or later withdrawn or amended. Agendas may contain report items that are later withdrawn or changed. Items may be added prior to the meeting without a change made to this draft. Only the draft for the next council meeting will be shown on this page.

Updates to the draft may be included here if time permits. The final copy will be available at the council meeting and should be consulted as the official agenda.


The following procedures will be observed until further notice and are subject to change.

Forest Hills Borough Council Meetings Will Be Conducted By Video Conferencing

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and in response to federal and state emergency management restrictions and recommendations, notice is given that all regularly scheduled and advertised meetings of the Council of the Borough of Forest Hills will be modified as follows until further notice. All Council Committee and Business meetings will take place as scheduled at 7:00 p.m. prevailing time. The meetings will remain open to the public but will no longer be conducted at the Forest Hills Borough Building, which is temporarily closed to the public.  Instead, the meetings will be conducted by remote audio and video conference services (Zoom).  The audio and video conference log-in and call-in information is available to the public on the Borough’s website at and is posted on the front door of the Borough Building, 4400 Greensburg Pike, Pittsburgh, PA 15221.

If you have an issue that you would like council or the Mayor to address but are unable to attend a meeting, please submit your concern or idea to council by calling the borough office at 412-351-7330 and speak to staff or leave a detailed message. All messages submitted will be presented to council for review either in committee or at a business meeting or both. You may also submit your concern or idea to council by completing the following form:

    Council Meeting Issues or Concerns Form

    The crisis also means that council’s meeting schedule may change and that an advertised meeting by council or one of its appointed boards may be cancelled. We will try to keep you updated on that via the website but you should also feel free to call the office at the above number. And please call the office if you have any questions.