The preliminary budget was presented.

  • The general fund budget totals just under $6 million, a 1.87% increase over 2017.
  • No tax increase is necessary to balance this budget draft.
  • The annual trash fee may increase by $3 though that is subject to change.
  • Fees for all recreation and for grading, street openings and sewer tap ins may increase pending review of the fee resolution and its approval in December.
  • Discussions continue in December. The final budget will be approved in December and may change from the preliminary budget approved  in any and all aspects.

Council approved sending a letter to request that PennDOT consider adding a traffic signal at the intersection of Ardmore Blvd and Centurion/Fairfax and add a no left turn on Filmore Road at the intersection with Ardmore Blvd.

Members of the Planning Commission met with the committee to discuss the need to update the borough’s 2003 comprehensive plan.  A steering committee was recommended to guide the process.  This committee would have wide representation including members of the Commission, members of council, representatives from other boards, business representation and citizen representation.