The borough hired Anthony Taylor as a new part time police officer effective August 17, 2017.

Richard Fosbrink was appointed to a position as an alternate member of the Planning Commission through February of 2021.

On August 3, 2017, Glenn Engineering gave a presentation at the Public Works committee meeting of Forest hills on the first Draft of the Pollution Reduction Plan as required by DEP for the new MS4 Permit. At that time, we had proposed to achieve the required 10 percent reduction of sediment being introduced into Turtle Creek by performing stream bank improvements and installing catch basin filter bags. The estimated cost of this work was $968,884. At that meeting Councilman Bill Tomasic suggested using the existing pond behind the Park & Ride Lot as a sedimentation basin. The plan was then revised using this suggestion which resulted in the elimination of the need for streambank improvements and filter bags and reduced the estimated cost of compliance with the DEP directive to $135,000. Thus, Mr. Tomasic’s suggestion saved the borough approximately $833,884.