Budget and Finance

The 2022 Budget was approved by council on Wednesday, December 15, 2021 at 7:00 PM in Council Chambers, Forest Hills Municipal Complex, 4400 Greensburg Pike, Pittsburgh, PA. 

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General Information

Budget Message
Budget Notes
Corrective Action Budget
General Fund Budget Expenditures
General Fund Budget Revenues
Liquid Fuels Budget

Budget Information

Bond Issue Debt Service
Budget Statistics 2022
Fees Resolution 1208
Local Services Tax Ordinance Number 973
Millage Rate History
Sanitary Sewer Fee And Delinquent Fee Ordinance Number 985
Sanitary Sewer Fee Delinquent Fee Amended Ordinance Number 1078
Sanitary Sewer Fee Increase Ordinance Number 1034
Sanitary Sewer Fee Penalty Ordinance Number 1042
Tax Rate Resolution 1207

Capital Improvements

Capital Improvements Plan Budget

Fire Fee Budget

Fire Fee Budget

Road Improvements

Road Improvement Budget