Borough Elected Officals

Frank Porco, Jr. — 412-351-7330, x240  Email:

Tax Collector
Janet Sullivan — 412-351-7330, x203 or 412-351-7348
For more information, see the Local Tax Information page.

Borough Council

Markus Erbeldinger — 412-351-7330, Press 0  Email:

Vice President/Finance Chair
Patricia DeMarco — 412-351-7330, Press 0  Email:

Public Works Chair
Cecil Watkins — 412-351-7330, Press 0 Email:

Borough Property Chair
Barbara Martin — 412-351-7330, Press 0  Email:

Operations and Policy Chair
John Lawrence — 412-351-7330, Press 0  Email:

Public Safety Chair
Angelo Baiocchi — 412-351-7330, Press 0

Planning and Zoning Chair
William Burleigh — 412-351-7330, Press 0  Email:

If you wish to contact Borough Council or the Mayor, you may call the Borough office at the number shown next to their name and leave a message for the mayor or council member by pressing their extension number as soon as the phone answers (i.e., there is no need to wait for the full message). You may also write your concerns and address your letter to:

Forest Hills Borough
Attn: Borough Council
4400 Greensburg Pike
Pittsburgh, PA 15221

Your letter will be forwarded to the council president, or to the council member responsible for the committee most relevant to handle your concern.