Active Transportation Plan

Forest Hills Borough is developing an Active Transportation Plan to encourage pedestrian and non-motorized ways of moving from place to place.  We are especially focused on making non-motorized forms of transportation safer and more convenient in Forest Hills, especially in the business district, and in areas around the parks.  We are also interested in ways to improve access to public transit and bicycle options.  Please look at the interactive map here and note specific areas where you have a concern or have observed safety issues.  You can add your comments in the feedback box found on that page.  This information will be used to shape our Active Transit Plan.”  Click this link for the Interactive Map.

In conjunction with our consultants and resident input, a DRAFT Active Transportation Plan has been prepared.  You can also view a brief Active Transportation Plan Summary here.

Additionally there are three catalyst projects which are the Greensburg Pike, Brinton Road, and Ardmore Boulevard Catalyst Projects.