Environmental Issues

As a Tree City, Forest Hills and its residents are conscious of the need to protect our environment.  The borough is proud to be a leader in this area with its tree program, recognized by the Arbor Day Foundation.    

Links on this page are dedicated to ways in which the borough continues to promote environmental awareness among its citizens.  Information is also provided on the various programs offered by the borough.  Please click a link for further information or to read the article shown.  Chapters from the borough's code of ordinances related to each section heading are included at the bottom of the list (Note: see code of ordinances page for full information and updates or amendments).  Further information and updates may also be found in recent issues of the borough's newsletter, the Tree City Times.  Copies may be found on the borough's website by clicking TCT.  

Information can be found on the following topics:

Stormwater Management  (return to top of page)

Rain Barrel Information - contact the borough office for additional information and the names and numbers of volunteers who can assist residents with installing.  Click the following links for online information:

Building a Rain Barrel - Easy as 1-2-3 (Gateway Engineers)
Every Drop Counts - Benefits of Installing a Rain Barrel (Gateway Engineers)

Protecting Water Quality from Urban Runoff   (EPA brochure)
Responsible Swimming Pool Care  
The Soapy Sedan Scummy Streams Connection  
The Solution to Stormwater Pollution:  A Homeowner's Guide  
Stormwater and Lawn Fertilizer   (poster)
Stormwater Conservation in Your Backyard (Maryland Department of the Environment)
Water:  Use Less, Pay Less (from Churchill Area Environmental Council)

Complete Information Available In Forest Hills Code of Ordinances Under Chapter 23 "Stormwater Management"

Recycling and Trash Collection (return to top of page)
    Recycle your used cell phones and empty laser & inkjet printer cartridges:  Drop off these used items in the collection box at the borough office, 2071 Ardmore Blvd.  Call Siobhan Nicklow at 412-351-7330 x200 for further information.

Businesses:  Why Recycle? (information and report form for all businesses)
Recycling Food Scraps and Yard Trimmings (EPA)
Composting at Home (EPA)
DEP Guide to Home Composting
Commercial Recycling
FAQ - Trash & Recycling Collection in Forest Hills (summary of borough policies)
Garbage Q & A - Recycling 101 (A basic overview for new residents)
Greenscaping Your Lawn & Garden (EPA)
Hazardous Waste Collection At Your Door Special Collection residential program.
PA Recycled Products Manufacturers
Recycling in Forest Hills - Here's How it Works (article from Tree City Times) 
Wood Chipping Program

Complete Information Available In Forest Hills Code of Ordinances Under Chapter 20 "Solid Waste & Recycling"

Sanitary Sewer System (return to top of page)

Complying with the Clean Water Act (poster)
How the Sewer System Works (3 Rivers Wet Weather Demo. Program)
Impact of the ALCOSAN Consent Decree
Inflow, Infiltration & Overflows (3 Rivers Wet Weather Demo. Program)
Information on Municipal Consent Orders (3 Rivers Wet Weather Demo. Program)
Sewage Overflow Basics & the Role of the Homeowner (3 Rivers Wet Weather Demo. Program)

Complete Information Available In Forest Hills Code of Ordinances Under Chapter 18 "Sewers"

Tree Program (return to top of page)

Arbor Day Foundation Website
Arbor Day Foundation Tree City Program

Complete Information Available In Forest Hills Code of Ordinances Under Chapter 25 "Trees"

Environmental Organizations of Interest to Residents (return to top of page)

3 Rivers Wet Weather - Sanitary and Storm Sewer Issues
Allegheny County Health Department
PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
PA Department of Environmental Protection
PA Resources Council
Sustainable Pittsburgh
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

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