The Borough of Forest Hills accepts complaints on any non emergency borough issue via phone or by completing the complaint form (see link below - all police, fire or EMS emergencies should be directed to 911).   Complaints are NOT accepted via email at this time.  Emails sent to the webmaster should address issues with the borough website only.  

Whether offering a complaint via telephone or form, the borough requests that you refrain from making frivolous complaints. The borough also discourages anonymous complaints because they do not allow us to gather further information or respond to the complainant with our determination of whether the complaint is valid or not.  

The borough also cannot address most complaints that involve a dispute between neighbors.  Complaints on borough operations, borough property or on ordinance or code violations may be addressed via the form or telephone.   Complaints may be addressed to borough personnel responsible for a given function or area via phone (go to Staff page for phone numbers).

The complaint form may be downloaded by clicking the link below.  Please complete all information and provide a brief but complete description or explanation of the complaint where indicated.