Codes, Regulations, & Forms

Click FORMS to find applications, a public record request form and other forms that can be downloaded.  ADDED ON APRIL 17:  DYE TEST COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATE (near bottom of page at FORMS link).

CODE OF ORDINANCES:  The complete code of ordinances can be found by clicking the link below.  Before proceeding to this site, please note that the code is effective as of  January 16, 2008 approved by council ordinance 976.

This information is provided as a convenient reference for residents and other interested parties.  However, please contact the office to check for amendments or other changes that may not be published in this code.   This code will be updated periodically and updates may not appear on the Internet immediately upon approval.

NOTE ON ZONING ORDINANCE:  Zoning ordinance corrections have been made as of March 16, 2009.  If you had referred to this page previously  you are aware that we had several minor errors in the ordinance shown on the Internet prior to this time.   Please contact the borough zoning officer for further information or with zoning questions by calling the office.

To browse the entire code of ordinances click Forest Hills Code of Ordinances

You can search by chapter by first selecting the chapter and then entering your serach terms by following the directions shown.

To view an index of the Code of Ordinances click Code of Ordinances Index.

You may directly access one of several of the more popular chapters in the code by clicking on the link below (please read the above information re: updates to ordinances that occurred after January 16, 2008 and check for amendments to the chapters shown below):

Chapter 15 Motor Vehicles & Traffic

Chapter 18 Sewers

Chapter 20 Solid Waste & Recycling

Chapter 22 Subdivision & Land Development

Chapter 23 Storm Water Management

Chapter 25 Trees

Chapter 27 Zoning

Forest Hills Official Zoning Map

2016 Fee Resolution(not included in the code of ordinances) - lists all borough fees including those related to above ordinances and other chapters of the code of ordinances.  

You must have a PDF file viewer, such as Adobe Acrobat (available here), to view the contents of each document.