Under Ordinance 977 the Borough of Forest Hills has amended the process that senior citizens must follow to obtain a 10% discount on their borough real estate taxes and a discount on their trash fee.  Guidelines and regulations are as follows:

•Forest Hills no longer requires seniors to submit an application to the borough for eligibility.  All seniors interested in applying for the program instead must apply to Allegheny County and meet its requirements for their tax relief program. 

• Seniors may contact the county Treasurer’s office at (412) 350-4100 or Toll Free 1-866-282-8297 for information or to obtain an application.  Click on Senior Property Tax Relief to find information on the county program and download a copy of the application.  

•All applications must be submitted directly to Allegheny County and not the borough office

•Seniors who previously applied for the borough’s program and were considered eligible must now submit an application to the county (in most cases, qualifying seniors have already completed this application since the requirements for the county program are the same as the requirements featured in the old borough program). 
•Qualifying seniors will no longer have to wait for a 10% tax refund under the new ordinance.  Seniors who qualify will have their tax rates adjusted on their borough tax bill provided they pay at discount or face value.

•Seniors who qualify are also eligible for the discounted trash fee which will now be billed quarterly at the same time the sewer bill is issued.  The discounted rate will automatically appear on the bills that qualifying seniors receive. Separate information on trash fee billing can be found by contacting the borough office at 412-351-7330..

•Seniors who first apply for the real estate tax discount during the current year may be required to pay their full tax amount at discount or face and receive a rebate once we are notified that the application has been approved by the county.

•Seniors who first apply for the real estate tax discount during the current year may be required to pay their trash fee based on the full amount as divided into four equal quarterly installments pending approval of their application.  A qualifying senior citizen will receive an adjustment on their quarterly trash bill once his or her application under Ordinance No. 907, as amended by Ordinance 977, is approved by the county and we are so notified.

•Once a senior is eligible for the county program he or she will automatically qualify for discounts in future years provided county eligibility is maintained.  No further applications will be required unless the county changes its procedures.